What Is The ROI Of Job Site Or Lawn Signs?

CARROLLTON, Texas — Before making any major purchase – from office equipment to new furniture – a prudent businessperson evaluates the purchase’s anticipated value and potential return on investment (ROI). Signs are no exception. Prior to investing in updating or replacing a company’s signs, the business owner or manager should consider their value as part […]

Show Your True Colors With Full Color Lawn Signs

Since we pioneered polybag yard signs in the late 80’s, printing signs in full color was always available, but was a much more costly investment. NOT ANYMORE! By using a new approach, full color lawn signs have now been slashed in price by 40-50%. Less than ever before! This allows you to brand your logo […]

Lawn Signs Can Deliver Quality Messages For Contractors

For many home improvement contractors and service providers, the best advertising of the quality of their work is the job site itself. While prospective clients can certainly view photos of completed projects on a website or in a printed circular, it would undoubtedly be preferable to actually see the work in progress and/or upon completion. […]

Post Advertising Yard Signs For Maximum Impact

For independent contractors and home renovation companies, full color yard signs can be an inexpensive yet effective advertising medium. These yard signs offer a number of advantages versus broad-brush promotional streams such as mailbox inserts/flyers, telemarketing, or radio/television commercials. These benefits include: Demonstrating workmanship through direct publicity on the job site Distinctiveness – standing out […]

Establish Greater Visibility Through Strategic Placement Of Outdoor Yard Signs

If there was just one company that posted outdoor yard signs in a defined geography, it might be safe to say that this company would have greater visibility, not to mention a higher percentage of business leads, than its competitors. Unfortunately, this scenario is not always the case, as any number of competitors may choose […]

Municipal Election Signs Part 2

 Messages On Your Election Signs This is an area that needs work. This is a prime example of how shopping for the lowest price for your advertising doesn’t work. Look for the most experienced, look for trained marketing people, look for people that know what the word Button and Positioning mean, AND look for a […]

Municipal Election Signs Part 1

If you are a fan of signs that can potentially sit in land fills for 50 plus years, then use corrugated plastic signs. They are made of a durable plastic that doesn’t degrade easily. Corrugated signs also are notorious for being see-through. This causes your message to distort. Here are just a few pictures I […]

Contractor Lawn Signs Can Reflect Professionalism

When homeowners look to hire a contractor for any home renovation and/or property upgrade projects, there are many ways that they might go about their selection process. From internet searches to cards/flyers posted at local supermarkets to promotional lawn signs, there is certainly no shortage of contractor advertising – and often no shortage of contractors […]

Polybag Yard Signs Offer Better Quality, Longer Lifecycles Than Coroplast Signs

Some people may remark, perhaps somewhat sarcastically, that a yard sign is simply that, just a sign. So what is the difference from one type of sign material to another? Well, there are actually some considerable differences between those made from plastic (polybag signs) versus those constructed of corrugated plastic (or coroplast signs). The composition […]

Common Mistakes In Lawn Signs Campaigns

From A Lack Of Attention To Detail Regardless of the type of business, promotion, or campaign, the money that is allocated to advertising must be spent wisely and in a fashion that will generate a strong return on investment. Face it – there is a lot of truth to the adage that money does not […]

Design And Content Are Equally Important For Job Site Signs

Sometimes, independent businesses will invest significant amounts of time and money in advertising campaigns, only to be disappointed in the volume of revenue opportunities generated by that expenditure. When these business owners analyze such a failed effort in greater detail, they often learn that: Potential customers were confused by the advertising message The campaign was designed […]

Full Color Yard Signs Can Be An Effective Means Of Advertising Your Brand

Professional contractors are often faced with the dilemma of weighing the various costs and methods of advertising against the potential return on investment. When faced with such a quandary, you might find that the impact of advertising through well-designed lawn signs far outweighs that of other marketing streams such as radio or print marketing, door-to-door promotions […]

Yard Sign Advertising Can Be A Cost-Effective Way Of Promoting Your Business

Among the various ways of promoting your business, such as distribution of paper flyers, website/internet marketing, and buying advertising time on local radio/television, a yard sign advertising program can be a very cost-effective marketing practice, especially for smaller or independently-operated firms. Custom yard signs are relatively inexpensive to produce yet they can pay significant dividends […]

Use Lawn Advertising Signs To Generate Leads And Promote Your Business

If you own or operate a contracting business (perhaps roofing, landscaping, or windows and doors replacement) a prime opportunity to create leads and generate new business would be the prominent placement of lawn advertising signs on your actual job sites. As potential new customers pass by the job site on foot or in a vehicle, they […]

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